Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm a Backwoods Boy

We went on a great adventure a few weeks ago! I've been waiting to tell you about it until I got the pictures all set.

Grandma and Grandpa Clevenstine and I all went on our first backpacking trip ever. Mom and Dad came too, as our seasoned veterans; they've gone with Grandma and Grandpa Tschamler and by themselves and with other people too.

We hiked for 2.5 miles into the woods and ended up at this awesome little pond way back there. We didn't see anybody except us the whole time.

Maybe that's because everyone else got the memo that it was going to downpour and our lean-to was going to leak. Don't worry, though, we still had fun. Dad and I were the only ones that stayed dry that night. But still everyone had a blast.

Here a few choice photos:
We're a backpackin' family. Note my sweet ride.
Don't worry. My awesome giraffe went too.
Here's the lean-to. Rustic. And leaky.
Dad and I chilled in the back of the digs for a while. QT with the D is always one of my favorite pasttimes.
Feelin' tough in our skull caps.
Hangin' out with the GPCs (grandparents Clevenstine). All three of us decided we LOVE backpacking.
Packin' out.
As you can see, I didn't want to leave.
All-in-all, despite the rain, a very good trip.
Signing off.


.: theChris :. said...


I'll have you know two things:

1] You are stinkin' cute, and those are great pictures!
2] Remember how in like all the previous posts on this blog you uploaded full-resolution photos? And remember how that was kind of the point of starting this thing in the first place—so your Uncle Christer could have tons of full-resolution photos of you? Remember how bad UC wants all the photos of you to be full-resolution so he can have them? And remember how it's all about UC?

I'm just saying. These ones are kinda small. And you look better huge on my computer.

Micah said...


Mom's too ignorant to know how to do it. You'll have to consult with Dad I think.

But she says she'll see what she can do.