Monday, September 29, 2008

My Progress

I'm getting to be a big boy. I went to the doctor for my four-month checkup, and here are my stats:

I'm currently 26" long (that's tall to you, Bubs, because I do like to stand up as much as possible) -- 90th percentile!

I'm 16 pounds and 8 ounces. Yowzaz...Mom's arms are getting strong. That's the 75th percentile.

And my head, much to Uncle Josh's dismay, is not 100th percentile, but only 75th.

Here are some photos, just to catch you up a little bit:

Nothin' like a Boppy pillow after a hard day of work.
I got a doorway jumper. I'm not exactly heavy enough or able enough to hold myself upright, but as you can see, Mom packs me in tight and off I go!
Often I chill on my elbows. Until I get mad that I'm on my elbows. Then I grunt and pant and cry until someone comes to my rescue.
Here's one of my favorite pasttimes (aside from opening my eyes as wide as possible at all times), and one of my best skills.
And here I am rollin' with my homies (Mom and Aunt Sara).

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.: theChris :. said...


Full-size photos again! Thanks Micah!

Holy pant you're getting big. I really wish I could meet you some day.