Sunday, September 7, 2008

More Vacation Photos!

Here are some of the North Carolina pictures from Grandma and Grandpa Clevenstine's camera. Life is really fun so far!Mom and I hanging out on the beach. Man, that was some intense sun. I had to bundle up.Playing with Uncle Josh right before I filled my pants. Let's just say he squeezed the poo right out of me!Hanging out in my sweet little beach shelter.Ummmmm...I think I'm the cutest thing you've ever seen.I had a great time with Uncle Adam and Aunt Meghan. I wish they lived closer to me.I spent some time playing the Settlers of Catan card game with Grandpa. We dominated.I have this toy that's a giraffe with a blanket for a body. And it also looks like a dragon. Weird, I know. But AWESOME.It's kind of weird for me to even post these, because they were taken a month ago, and I've pudged out quite a bit. I'm looking pretty trim here.Beach life is good.


Becky said...

HILARIOUS. Micah, please don't grow up too much before I see you!

P.S. What size are you now?

Micah said...

Becky...I currently run about three months ahead of what the tag says. I don't know why. I'm not all that big. So right now I'm in 6-9 month clothes, as a general rule.

I'll try to stop growing. But Mom feeds me a lot.